New Short Film “Distant Altars” coming soon!!!


Check the trailer for the film.





Objects have memories. They absorb moments. Sights and sounds are experienced, and immediately cached. These objects become imbued with the essence of each moment. A collection of objects can contain a lifetime of memories. When combined, these memories can trace a lucid story an individual, revealing private moments, intimate soliloquies, and personal encounters.

Eva’s story; part fact, part fiction, and part science-fiction, will be told through a series video vignettes incorporating actors, voice actors, poetry, custom composed music, and original sound design. Real objects belonging to Mrs. Garrard and photographs from her personal collection, interspersed with our own found objects and personal photos, will be used as markers for the augmented reality engine. Our project is scaleable to allow for a quick completion within the duration of this course, and an eventual realization of a much richer narrative. A self-imposed restriction for this project is that content will be either found or created in the real world.



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